STP-1500 Centrifuge: Better than a vacuum oven

STP-1500 Centrifuge: Better than a vacuum oven


In the field of cannabis extraction, the efficient removal of solvents is a crucial step in many processes. Traditionally, vacuum ovens have been widely used for this purpose. However, Purge Technologies is proud to announce a new and more effective technology has emerged: the STP-1500 centrifuge. In this educational blog, we will explore why the Purge Technologies centrifuge surpasses the vacuum oven as a solvent removal method, providing numerous advantages and improved outcomes.

1. Enhanced Evaporation Rate:

One of the primary advantages of a STP-1500 centrifuge over a vacuum oven is its significantly higher evaporation rate. The centrifugal force generated by the spinning motion facilitates rapid evaporation of solvents. The increased surface area exposure and improved vaporization kinetics within the centrifuge result in faster and more efficient solvent removal compared to a vacuum oven. This accelerated process can save valuable time in material processing and increase overall productivity.

2. Superior Lab Design:

Solvent recovery is an essential aspect of the cannabis extraction industry due to economic and lab space considerations. Just one of the STP-1500 centrifuges can replace a wall of vacuum ovens, pumps, and cold traps. Saving the client both money in the budget, and space in the lab. Just another reason why a Purge Technologies centrifuge is better than a vacuum oven. 

Centrifuge for purging butane
3. Minimized Thermal Stress:

Solvent removal can sometimes subject the material to thermal stress, which may lead to degradation, loss of volatile components such as terpenes, or structural changes. Vacuum ovens rely on high temperatures to evaporate solvents, which can be detrimental to sensitive materials. In contrast, a STP-1500 centrifuge operates at lower temperatures due to the rapid evaporation achieved through centrifugal force. This reduced thermal stress ensures the preservation of material integrity and enhances the quality of the final product.

4. Versatility and Adaptability:

Purge Technology centrifuges offer greater flexibility and adaptability compared to vacuum ovens. The centrifuge's design allows for the use of various vessels and containers, accommodating different sample sizes and and end products. This versatility makes the centrifuge suitable for a wide range of scale, from small-scale laboratory samples to large-scale industrial processes. Furthermore, the ability to control centrifugal speed and vacuum parameters enables customization to specific material requirements, ensuring optimal solvent removal conditions.

STP-1500 planetary centrifuge

5. Safety and Convenience:

Another advantage of the STP-1500 centrifuge is its enhanced safety features and user-friendly operation. Vacuum ovens typically require careful monitoring and handling due to the risks associated with high temperatures and vacuum conditions. In addition to manual changing of programs for one single end product. The Purge Technologies centrifuge provides convenience through programmable control systems, allowing operators to set and monitor parameters easily, minimizing human error and improving reproducibility.


In summary, the STP-1500 centrifuge by Purge Technologies outperforms vacuum ovens as a solvent removal method in multiple aspects. Its faster evaporation rate, superior solvent recovery, minimized thermal stress, versatility, and enhanced safety make it the preferred choice for removing solvents from materials. As technology advances, the adoption of centrifuges in various industries is likely to increase, leading to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced product quality.

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