Spin Tech STP-1500

Mixing with the Spin Tech STP-1500

Top 10 Reasons to use the Spin Tech centrifuge for mixing your terps and more.  

Mixing high-viscosity solutions with a Spin Tech STP-1500 offers several benefits due to its unique design and operating principles. Here are some advantages of using a Purge Technologies centrifuge for mixing high-viscosity solutions: mix terpenes, distillate, badder and more with just a click of a button in minutes. 

1. Efficient centrifugal mixing: Spin Tech centrifuges are designed to provide thorough and efficient mixing, especially for high-viscosity materials. The centrifugal force generated by the spinning motion of the centrifuge head ensures that the solution is uniformly mixed, resulting in better dispersion and homogeneity of the components. This is particularly beneficial for solutions with high viscosity, as it can be challenging to achieve thorough mixing using conventional methods. 

2. Reduced mixing time: The powerful mixing action of a Purge Technologies centrifuge enables faster and more effective blending of high-viscosity solutions. Compared to traditional mixing techniques, such as manual stirring or mechanical agitators, the Spin Tech STP-1500 centrifuge can significantly reduce the mixing time required to achieve the desired level of homogeneity. This time-saving aspect can be particularly advantageous in industrial settings where productivity and efficiency are crucial.

3. Scalability: The Spin Tech centrifuges can come in various sizes and capacities, allowing for scalable mixing processes. Whether you're working with small laboratory-scale batches or large industrial volumes, a Purge Technologies centrifuge can be adapted to suit different production requirements. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food processing, and chemical manufacturing.

4. Controlled process parameters: The STP-1500 offers precise control over process parameters, such as rotational speed, mixing time, and vacuum. This control allows operators to tailor the mixing conditions to the specific characteristics of the high-viscosity solution, ensuring optimal mixing performance. By adjusting the parameters, it is possible to achieve the desired level of dispersion and emulsification while maintaining the stability and integrity of the solution. Each centrifuge comes with the ability to store 20 programs with 5 stages in each program. 

5. Minimal air entrapment: Air entrapment is a common issue when mixing high-viscosity solutions, as the thick consistency tends to trap air bubbles, resulting in uneven mixing and potential product defects. Our new STP-1500 centrifuge minimizes air entrapment due to a strong vacuum and a quick centrifugal spin. Our unique motion helps to release trapped air and promote better mixing and bubble-free results.

6. Versatility and adaptability: Spin Tech will change your laboratory forever implementing SOP's for many different products like distillate, badder, infused products and more. Not just for purging LPG's out of extracted solutions in just minutes, the Purge Technologies centrifuge is far more than a singular tool.

In summary, using a Spin Tech STP-1500 centrifuge for mixing high-viscosity solutions offers efficient and controlled blending, reduced mixing time, scalability, minimal air entrapment, and adaptability to different process parameters and vessel types. These benefits make planetary centrifuges a valuable tool for industries that deal with high-viscosity materials, facilitating improved product quality and process efficiency.

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