Degassing LPG's with the Spin Tech STP-1500

Degassing LPG's with the Spin Tech STP-1500

Degassing with a centrifuge 

The Spin Tech STP-1500 is a device used to separate substances based on their density using centrifugal force. It consists of a rotating chamber that spins at very high speeds and an assisted vacuum pump. When the rotor spins rapidly, the centrifugal force causes denser materials to move towards the outer edges of the rotor while lighter materials move towards the center.

To degas a material using the Spin Tech centrifuge, the extract is typically placed in a sealed container with an opening or directly in our stainless steel inserts. Our custom designed stainless steel cups be capable of withstanding the centrifugal forces generated during the process in addition to the solvents used in your process. The centrifuge is then set to spin at a high speed and low vacuum, only for a few minutes to completely remove volatiles.

During the spinning process, the Spin Tech STP-1500 force pushes the gas bubbles or volatile components present in the material towards the top or outer edge of the container. As a result, these gases tend to escape or be separated from the material. This process is similar to how a washing machine removes water from clothes during the spin cycle.


By subjecting the material to high centrifugal forces, the Purge Technologies centrifuge facilitates the removal of gases or volatile substances. This degassing process is commonly used in various fields, including chemistry, materials science, extraction, and manufacturing, where the presence of gases can affect the quality or performance of the final product.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of degassing depends on factors such as the spinning speed, duration of the process, and the properties of the material being degassed. Our Spin Tech centrifuge can reach speeds up to 2500 rpm. Additionally, it is important to be trained on how to "ramp' the centrifuge correctly as to no overagitate the solution and spill inside of the machine. 

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